Who Am I?

I am Mihai Cosareanu and I am mostly an artist.

A Heart for Feelings

I love conveying feelings and emotions to people and I do believe that one of the best ways to achieve that is through music. I think it’s a universal language of emotions that we are able to understand even before we are born. No matter how old you are, where you’re from or what language you speak, you are able to feel and enjoy the language of music.

Besides playing music, another thing that I spend a lot of time on and that feeds my soul is meeting people and having long emotionally-engaging talks. In fact, I think I have a genuine passion for people. I try to understand every person that I come across, even when our values disagree or when we have different points of view. I found out that this is great for improving your communication skills.

A Mind for Thoughts

Since I was a child, I haven’t taken things for granted, I have always asked myself questions like “why is this so?” and “how does that work?”. These questions made me look deeper into a lot of subjects such as science, technology, economics, psychology, religion, and philosophy. I have a general curiosity and an endless thirst to understand everything that I come across.

For that matter, I spend a lot of time thinking. I think about our greatest problems, I think about happiness, the meaning of life, existence and death. I even think about what thinking is, and how it affects my body, my mind and my perceptions. It’s a crazy thought zoo in there :)

My Story

I began to be a part of this world on the 26th of January 1992 in Campina, Romania, a nice and peaceful place, situated around 100 Km from Bucharest.

When I was a kid, my father had a rock band and he took me with him to the rehearsals. There I fell in love with the drums, but I didn’t have anyone to share this with until high-school. There I found other guys that could play so we started a band.

After one year of actively playing drums, I picked up the guitar and tried to learn my favourite songs from Joe Satriani and Steve Vai. I spent a lot of time practicing guitar, learning notes, harmony and improvising solos over backing tracks and along with that I learned about acoustics, sound engineering and recording techniques. It felt like a true passion, I never got tired of it, I remember one day when I played for about 13 hours with a few breaks.

However, the economic forecast of becoming a proficient musician scared me at that time so I chose the second thing that I was good at – I pursued a degree in Computer Science at the Politehnica University of Bucharest.

As a the son of two engineers I had developed a good mind for numbers, but even if I could handle maths, physics and other sciences, I couldn’t think in abstract terms like a real scientist could. I always needed an analogy to a real life situation to be able to understand and relate the concepts.

At that time, the path I chose seemed to be a good compromise, though I had to invest a lot of time in my degree and my music development slowed down.

After I got my degree, I got an opportunity to work as a research assistant at the National University of Singapore’s research lab for Sound and Music Computing. I stayed in Singapore for around 6 months and traveled around in Malaysia Cambodia, and Thailand, then returned back home.

What Am I Doing Now?

Currently I am working as a cloud software engineer at Fitbit. In my free time I play guitar, compose musical pieces, practice sound engineering, take walks, meet people, travel around and feed my curiosity by reading books and taking courses on various subjects.

Get in Touch with Me

If you think I could be of value to you or if you just want to get to know me, make sure to drop a message. I am always keen on meeting new people, discovering new ideas, sharing my passion and sharpening my mind :)

For a more detailed story of my music, you can read more here.